What size insulated tumbler does the Flodoozie Drink Float fit without the insert?

Our tumbler float was originally designed to fit the 30 oz tumbler. However, we have found that it fits most large insulated tumbler sizes and wide-mouth cups.

What are the dimensions of the Flodoozie drink floats?

The tumbler float is roughly 10"x9.5"x2". **Dimensions are approximate; size may vary due to unique manufacturing process**

I ordered two of the same color drink floats, why are the colors slightly different? 

Great question!! Our drink floats are not die-cut and therefore are not all EXACTLY the same. We have a unique manufacturing process that includes several steps, and they occasionally come out of the oven a slight shade lighter or darker, and/or slightly larger or smaller. We can all relate, right?!

Do you wholesale?

Yes! Please email us at wholesale@flodoozie.com

Is your product made in China?

No! Our floats are manufactured in the USA (Mineral Wells, Texas, to be exact). Our plastic cup inserts are also made in the USA.

 Where did you get the name 'Flodoozie'?

Think 'Floating Drink Koozie'... Flodoozie 

Do you offer private label or customized drink floats?

We currently do not offer customization, but plan to add that feature in the near future. For private labels, please contact us @ sales@flodoozie.com

Do your drink floats come with a lanyard?

Yes, they come with a bungee lanyard and wrist coil. We have a safety lanyard that can be purchased separately.

My drink float has an indention in it from laying on the wrist coil, will that go away? 

Yes! Sunlight and the summer heat will make it go away!

How should I store my drink float?

You should remove the plastic insert when storing your drink float for long periods of time. Avoid stacking your drink floats in the heat to prevent the screen printed logo from transferring. Avoid storing the drink float with the wrist coil from touching the foam.


UPDATED 1/27/22