About Us

We are water loving people who noticed one minor inconvenience while hanging out at the lake in 2016: we couldn't just float and relax while holding our drinks.  The idea for a cup float seemed like a great fix, but after looking around for an existing product that solved that problem, we soon gave up and made some homemade floats of our own.  Over time, we realized how great it is to be able to throw a football to the kiddos or just float with both hands free.  One of the biggest deciding factors for us to move forward with creating a product of our own was the safety realized in having both hands able to be free while in the water, whether it is for swimming or grabbing kids who are drifting a little too far away.  The reaction from friends, family, and strangers who saw our homemade floats was astounding, so we decided to get to work.  After several prototypes, we believe we have created the ultimate hands free floating experience.  We are proud to be a small, family run business that manufactures these floats right here in the USA.

Your drink deserves its own float, and you deserve to be able to enjoy the lake, pool, or river with your drink in your hand only when you want it be.